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We've talked to you via this web site - here's your opportunity to talk to us. We welcome your feedback on either the historical content or the experience of learning online.

An essential element in the learning process is communicating what you've learnt or researching what else you need to know. Usually this is done via the assignments and tutorials. With this subject we've let you off! However we do still invite you to communicate with us.

Please fill out as much of this form as you like and click SEND. The feedback will be received by Sandra Wills and shared with the development team.

Your comments on the historical data:

  • can you find any inaccuracies that we need to know about?
  • do you have any additional data for us to think about?
  • are there links to other web sites we should reference?
  • what did you find interesting about our convict history?
  • share an example of an interesting search using the database


Your comments on learning about learning:

  • how helpful was the guidance about learning?
  • what else would you like to see added?

Your comments on the online experience:

  • were you able to find your way around the site easily?
  • were instructions clear enough?
  • was access fast enough? what equipment were you using?

Any other comments:

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