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Robert ABEL/ABLE (Alexander)

Mary ABEL (Lady Penrhyn)

Esther ABRAHAMS (Prince of Wales)

Henry ABRAHAMS/ABRAMS (Scarborough)

John ADAMS (Scarborough)

Mary ADAMS (Lady Penrhyn)

John AGNEW/AYNERS (Scarborough)

Thomas AKERS/ACRES (Charlotte)

Charles ALLEN (Scarborough)

John ALLEN (Alexander)

Mary ALLEN/CONNER (Lady Penrhyn)

Mary ALLEN (Lady Penrhyn)

Susannah ALLEN (Prince of Wales)

Tamasin/Jamasin ALLEN (Lady Penrhyn)

William ALLEN (Alexander)

Elizabeth ANDERSON (Lady Penrhyn)

Frances (Fanny) ANDERSON (Charlotte)

John ANDERSON (Charlotte)

John ANDERSON (Scarborough)

John ARCHER/FORRESTER (Scarborough)

John ARSCOTT (Scarborough)

George ATKINSON/ATKINS (Scarborough)

Sarah AULT (Prince of Wales)

John AYRES (Scarborough)

William AYRES/EYRES/HARES (Friendship)

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